Do you have the personality to be investor?

Do you have the personality to be investor?

This is the question that many investors ourselves. Is it really our investment-compatible personality? The most successful investors (Buffett, Munger, Lynch,…) always refer to that not all people have the qualities necessary to do so. Throughout his works and conferences, have been reeling off a series of personal characteristics that predispose favourably for investment, although not ensure success: patience, curiosity, decision, analytical capacity and powers of observation, passion , temperance, humility and sacrifice.

How do we know if our way of being is predisposed for investment? First, it would be necessary to define our personality, and, later, to make a comparison with the qualities necessary to be a good investor. It won’t resort to qualify oneself objectively? Indeed, but if you have the appropriate references, and are honest with yourself, can get much to define your personality.

This week, in a training course that has provided us with the company where I work, I have met the model of “Bridge”. For those who don’t know it, “Bridge” is a relational model conceived and developed by Alex Galofré and Ferran Ramón-Cortés trainers taught masterfully by Antonio Gumbau, certified instructor. The model proposes a classification of personality based on two variables: the first, if our decision-making is more emotional or more rational, and the second, if our rhythm vital is more reflective or more active. From the score to be determined in each of these variables, the model proposes a classification of personality into four large groups, those who have wanted to identify with the four elements of nature (Earth, water, fire and air). It is worth highlighting the four groups are not closed, i.e., persons do not have why belong exclusively to one of the groups that you can intersperse depending on the greater or lesser component containing the other groups. In this way, a person could be between two of the groups, which would indicate his personality contains characteristic elements of several classifications.

“Earth” (rational and reflective personality). Practical, realistic, analytical and reserved. One who studies and analyzes problems thoroughly, you want to know all the data, is independent, reliable and discreet, but also cautious and sceptical.
“Water” (emotional and reflective personality). Quiet, close, careful and loyal. He’s someone sensitive, attentive, calm and tolerant, but also reserved and hard to learn.
“Fire” (rational and active personality). Quick, clever, practical and firm. It is someone independent, rigid and entrepreneur, but also challenging and somewhat arrogant.
“Air” (emotional and active personality). Social, friendly, enthusiastic and energetic. He’s someone sensitive, imaginative, energetic, but also lax and something veleta.

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